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Chin/Cheek/Lip Augmentation & Implants

Aging of the face is not all about droopy, lax skin. For some, it is about volume loss in the face. And this is not just a byproduct of aging. Many people in Austin maintain great physiques with regular exercise. Unfortunately, as their bodies become leaner and meaner, so do their faces. A gaunt, drawn face can be very frustrating to someone who otherwise looks great. Others may have always had volume deficiencies in particular areas, such as the chin. All of these patients can obtain a tremendous improvement with injectable soft tissue fillers or facial implants.

How does volume loss manifest?

Various regions of the face lose volume with aging, and this can lead to hollowing in the cheek and under-eye regions.

What are some non-surgical options for adding volume?

Soft tissue fillers are safe substances that are injected to provide added volume and sometimes even stimulate new collagen formation. With many of these fillers, one can achieve instant gratification in filling deep lines around the mouth and cheek regions. Most injectable fillers are not permanent and absorb with time.

Are there permanent options for adding volume?

Our doctor believes the best solution is facial augmentation with implants. He prefers ones shaped from solid silicone that cannot leak into tissues. So they neither degrade nor cause a reaction. Silicone implants provide volume in a consistent, symmetric, and reproducible manner that is difficult to achieve with injectable fillers. Some patients want larger, fuller cheekbones. Others have hollowing just below the cheekbone that they want to improve. Still others want a stronger chin and longer jawline. The implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which allows custom tailoring to a patient's problem areas.

How are facial augmentation surgery performed?

The doctor places implants through incisions inside the mouth, so no external incisions are required. Once placed, the implants are temporarily secured with sutures and/or tape. During the healing process, the body forms a capsule around the implant which keeps it in place.

What can I expect during and after surgery?

Sutures and/or tape are removed within the first week after surgery. Like most plastic surgery, it takes about 4-6 weeks for most of the swelling to subside and during this time heavy lifting or aerobic exercise is strongly discouraged.

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